Celebrate Better Business, Better Community with The Chamber

The first two quarters of 2010 were busy months for The Chamber. Several important issues and events demanded the attention and energy of The Chamber staff, its Board of Directors and Chamber volunteers. Now, as we slide into the early days of summer, the hectic pace has slowed (just a bit) and allows time to reflect on what’s ahead.  One event we look forward to each year is The Chamber’s Annual Meeting.

2010 Annual MeetingIn addition to commemorating The Chamber’s 95th Anniversary at the Annual Meeting in September, we will celebrate better business and better community through the 13 various awards honoring businesses, organizations and individuals who have demonstrated high levels of involvement, business, and community leadership.

The Chamber asks you to take time and reflect on which organizations, businesses, and individuals should be honored and invites you to submit a nomination for a deserving person or organization.  Have you had the privilege of working with a business or individual that provides exceptional service in an ethical and socially responsible manner? Do you know someone that models the way for others or is a community inspiration? With 13 different award categories open for nominations, you have the opportunity to let others know of these wonderful examples of excellence by nominating them for a 2010 Chamber & Community Award.

You don’t have to be a member of The Chamber to nominate. You don’t even need to know everything about the individual or organization that you wish to nominate.  You simply need to identify your nominee(s); fill out as much information as you do know on the nomination form available on The Chamber’s website (www.ChamberBloomington.org) and submit it to The Chamber by July 23.

By taking the time to reflect on those that you believe make Bloomington a great place to work, play, and live – you are helping to honor those deserving and also inspiring others in our community to excel as well.

So while we, at The Chamber, understand that these summer months may be filled with lots of travel, family fun and activities – we ask that you take a moment to reflect and nominate a deserving organization and/or individual for a 2010 Chamber & Community Award. Let’s remind those businesses, organizations and individuals that they make a real difference in our community. Let’s celebrate better business and better community together!