Since 1915, The Greater Bloomington Chamber of Commerce has been serving as our community’s leading advocate for business. We offer unique leadership opportunities, meaningful volunteer activities, and exclusive business‐building programs focused on critical economic, civic, and social priorities. Chamber members support each other and community initiatives, sharing information and resources to help create economic opportunity and community well‐being. At the Greater Bloomington Chamber of Commerce, we believe that better business leads to a better community. During this centennial year, we invite you to get to know The Chamber!

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    I would definitely check with your local Chamber of Commerce first. Usually they can anwser these questions and they can also provide names of people that can help give you some advice on some things that you may not have even thought of yet. Opening any business takes lots of planning and hopefully you have some experience or education in the business management field. No matter how small a business may seem to be, there are many things to take into consideration and the Chamber may also be able to give you their opinion about how successful your business has the potential to be. They have many resourses for this information .please trust their experience and it’s free advice. Good luck to you!References : Personal experience from several years ago when I was considering opening a business to welcome new residents to the small town I live in. They even set up a meeting with myself and this guy from a local college that specialized in this type of thing and even loaned me books about the business I wanted to start.

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