The Chamber’s Position on the 2010 MCCSC Referendum

The Greater Bloomington Chamber of Commerce supports the MCCSC referendum.  After surveying our members and vetting this important issue through our volunteer committee and board structure, The Chamber felt compelled to support the referendum. We must invest in the education of this and future generations of Monroe County students. Our schools need stable, reliable funds that will be used to decrease classroom size by restoring classroom programs and teaching positions.

Recent budget cuts have caused the elimination of more than 60 teaching positions; increased class sizes at all grade levels; reduced programs for the most at‐risk students; and cut district stipends for all extracurricular activities.

The Chamber has been, and will continue to be, active in discussions regarding the referendum. Following the November 2nd vote, we intend to communicate support for monies being spent to decrease classroom size, increase the graduation rate, and funding for reform measures where appropriate. We believe that the referendum money is critical to the future of our students, our workforce and our economic vitality. Bloomington must remain competitive by investing in our schools.

For more information on the referendum, including a tax calculator, visit: