Bloomington Chamber Calls on City to Rescind Arizona Boycott

The Greater Bloomington Chamber of Commerce issued a statement today, urging the Mayor, City Clerk, and members of the City Council to rescind the City of Bloomington’s boycott of Arizona businesses.

“To date, The Chamber has been contacted by more than 40 individuals, most of whom have expressed their intent to discontinue support for business and tourism in the Bloomington area,” said Christy Gillenwater, Chamber president and CEO. “Moreover, several of our members are receiving similar calls that customers will boycott their business until the city removes its boycott on Arizona. The action taken by city officials has become damaging to local businesses.”

The City’s boycott stems from controversial legislation passed by the Arizona state legislature regarding immigration. “To be clear, The Chamber has no position on Arizona’s legislation nor do we intend to engage in discussion regarding the Arizona immigration bill,” explained Gillenwater. “Our concern is about our local elected officials calling for an economic boycott of another state and the price being paid here at home in Bloomington.”

Gillenwater stated, “The Chamber is committed to serve and protect businesses in our community. We believe that action was necessary to advocate for our members and to hold our local officials accountable for acting in the best interest of the local community.”


The Greater Bloomington Chamber of Commerce urges City officials to recognize that the actions they engage in have the ability to impact residents, businesses, nonprofits, community organizations and institutions, and the community as a whole, and must be made in the best interest and in consideration of the various constituencies they are elected to represent.

The decision made by the Mayor, City Clerk, and signatory members of the Bloomington City Council to call for an economic boycott of Arizona has led to threats to boycott Bloomington businesses. To prevent this action from being economically damaging to the local business community, the Chamber urges that the boycott of Arizona be rescinded.

Furthermore, the Chamber encourages residents and visitors to continue their support of Bloomington’s vibrant business community, understanding that The Chamber, its Board of Directors and collective membership had no role in the City’s decision to boycott businesses in the state of Arizona.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below or call The Chamber at (812) 336-6381.