The Bottom Line Favors Chamber Membership

When asked by potential, and current, members of The Greater Bloomington Chamber of Commerce what value membership brings to their business, we have an arsenal of information that can demonstrate the proven value it brings.  Whether it is The Chamber’s ability to represent your business interests through promotion, be an advocate at the local and state level for a pro-business environment or relaying to consumers that your business has credibility, we bring it.

Credibility?  Really?  Yes, cred.

According to a national study by the Schapiro Group, an Atlanta-based market research firm, consumers were:

63% more likely to buy goods and services from local Chamber members

44% more likely to think favorably about that member business

These results are impactful considering that we live in a free marketplace and consumers have choices of where they spend their income.

This information also extends to business-to-business sales.  When business decision makers believe that a potential business partner is a Chamber member, they are:

37% more likely to think favorably about the business

51% more likely to be highly aware of it

58% to think more positively of its local reputation

59% more likely to do business with that company

There is plenty of information out there that supports the fact that Chambers have a positive impact in their communities.  This new data shows that there is a quantifiable impact for businesses that belong to their local Chamber.  Having positive perception by consumers and business owners is a definite win for Chamber members.

The results demonstrate that being an active member in The Greater Bloomington Chamber of Commerce is a good strategy for business and the bottom line.

For more information about joining The Chamber, please contact Mary Jo Orlowski at or call 812-336-6381.