Make Sure Your Customers Can Find You!

How many times have you attempted to contact a business or a specific person at a company, only to find the information is incorrect?  Remember the frustration you felt?  Now, think about your own behavior…Did you continue to look for the correct information or did you simply move your business to a new vendor?

Most people will not put the time and effort into trying to figure it out. It’s easier to find someone else to work with — whose contact information is correct.

That’s why it’s important for our members to keep their business contact information up-to-date!  The Chamber website is the most trusted source of business information and the place most people turn to in order to find products, services and businesses.

Now is the time to double-check your information as The Greater Bloomington Chamber of Commerce heads into the production of its printed Membership Directory.  By taking a few minutes to check your business listing on our website, making any necessary edits – your customers will always know how to reach you.

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